The New Essential: A Guide to Styling Jogger Pants

New to the joys of jogger pants? Welcome, friend. While the jogger trend has slowly but steadily crept up on us in recent years, it’s only recently that they’ve really evolved from fancy sweatpants to style staple. Made with a better fit and better fabrics, they’re now one of the most versatile pieces a man can own, and a question we get a lot here at UNCVR from our subscribers is, “how do I style them?” We broke it down for you below.

Keep It Casual

Comfortable AF, casual, cool... nothing beats classic combos like joggers with your favorite tee, with a tank on balmy summer nights, or with a cozy crewneck on a chilly day. 

Dress It Up

While they are essentially casual, joggers actually look pretty damn good with a button up shirt. It’s a clean, smart-casual look that’s perfect for those long, laid-back lunches, grabbing a coffee or... anything, really. 



Since joggers are tapered at the bottom, and often slightly pulled up, avoid chunky sneakers like AF1s. It’s best to keep it slim - adidas NMDs, Nike Flyknit racers and trainers, or keep it classic with Vans or a crisp white pair of lowtops like adidas Originals’ iconic Stan Smith or the Nike All Court.

The Perfect Anchor

Given the way they’re tailored, a good pair of joggers makes for a stylish anchor for statement pieces like jackets. You’ll look good but not like you’re really trying - even if you are.



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