How to Find Your Perfect Shirt Fit

With Fall in our midst and Winter right around the corner, shirts are great pieces for layering up while looking sharp - but ill-fitted sleeves or a little too much width across the torso can take you from stylish to sloppy. Here are a few key things to look for when finding the perfect shirt.

The Collar
This one is fairly obvious. If your collar is resting off the body, it’s too loose. If it’s pressing against your neck, it’s too tight. But when in doubt, there’s always the two finger test; if you can fit two fingers inside the front of your collar without the material stretching, it’s just right.

The Shoulders
If a shirt sits poorly across the shoulders it’s extremely obvious, so take your time in finding the perfect fit. The shoulder seam - which separates the shirt and the sleeve - should sit right on the edge of the shoulder.

The Sleeves
A little looseness in the sleeves when your arms are hanging is fine - necessary, even - because moving your arms or bending your elbows will constrict the material. If the sleeves are too tight, you risk tearing the material. If the cuff slips down the wrist rather than sit on it, and the material billows over the arm, it’s time to go a size down.

The Torso
When fastening the buttons on your shirt, you should be able to feel the inside of the shirt against your body without tightness or pulling on the sleeves. And as much as you’ve worked for them and want to show them off, if your muscles are coming through, ask for a bigger size. This part of a shirt is easy to take in, so if you can’t find one that fits just right, know that you can take it to your tailor for a quick fix.

The Hem
Give your shirt the tuck test. Tuck your shirt in and lift your arms; a good fitting shirt will stay tucked without so much excess material that you have to continually push it back into your trousers. When untucked, the shirt should cover your belt and waist but go no further than your crotch.

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