Getting Back on the Grind

We get it. You’ve just come back from an epic summer holiday and the thought of going back to the office... well, it sucks. Although we know you’d rather be sipping from a Corona bottle with your feet in the sand, the fact is it’s time to get back to work, and you’ve got two choices here. You can sulk about it, or be the hustler you are and come back with guns blazing. Here are six ways to get back on the grind - and feel good about it, too.

List It Out

Make daily to-do lists and include everything - even small things like the emails you need to send out that day. Crossing off even the small things not only feels good, but it’ll motivate you to keep going and keep knocking things off that list.

Look After Yourself

It’s easy to fall into a slump after a holiday - whether it’s with work or getting back into routines such as exercise and eating right. But keeping up with self care is crucial. When you’re feeling good about yourself, when you’re feeling healthy and strong, you’re more focused and less likely to get lazy and ultimately let yourself down.

Assemble Your Team

Reconnect with your colleagues and clients. Find out what they’ve been working on while you’ve been away, what they’re expecting from you now that you’re back, and set a game plan. Communication is key!

Set Attainable Short Term Goals

Overwhelming yourself is counterproductive. Set some realistic milestones you know you can achieve in the next week, two weeks, three weeks, a month, etc. Breaking down your tasks so that they’re more approachable means you’re less likely to fall into a spiral of chaos. You know the one we mean - when you try to do a little bit of everything at once, but end up not really doing anything at all.

Organize Get Togethers With Friends

We know you’ve got those post holiday blues but home, AKA “the real world,” isn’t all bad. Give yourself something to look forward to after work - plan drinks or dinner with friends, recap about your adventures, and get back into the flow of things. 

Reorganize Your Space

Don’t let your suitcase sit on your living room floor for a week. Get unpacking out of the way and make your space feel good - both at home and at work. Get rid of anything that’s gone bad in the fridge and restock on some favorites, toss out old paperwork, etc. You know the drill.



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