Five Quick, Protein Packed breakfasts

Breakfast Tacos 

There’s never a bad time for tacos - in fact, what better way to start the day? These are done in 15 minutes, are light and fresh yet filling and totally satisfying. The best part is, you probably already have all of these ingredients ready to go in your kitchen. No excuses - get cooking.

Get the recipe here.




Baked Eggs in Avocado

A carb-free way to enjoy all the best breakfast foods, this combination of creamy avocado, runny eggs, and crispy bacon in each bite will leave you shook. Get the recipe for this glorious morning treat here.



Toast With Nut Butter & Banana

Toast, peanut or almond butter, and sliced fresh banana. Simple, tasty, and protein packed. This makes a perfect on-the-go breakfast, or a healthy snack to tide you over that 2pm slump at the office. If you’re on that no gluten tip , this combo works on rice cakes too. Opt for sprouted or brown rice variations for that extra hit of nutrition.



Green Smoothie Freezer Packs

Preparation is key in life - even when it comes to breakfast - and this easy green smoothie hack is a game changer. It takes no longer than 20 minutes to prep for two weeks worth of smoothies, while cutting unnecessary food waste AND cutting the time it takes to make a smoothie from scratch each morning to just two to three minutes.

Simply divide daily portions of your go-to smoothie ingredients into separate ziplock freezer bags, keep them in the freezer, and put one ziplock bag into the blender each morning. Blend some almond milk, coconut water, water, or juice for a more liquid consistency. You can also add extras like protein powder, chia seeds, etc.

Too easy! 




Egg, Bacon & Hash Potatoes

This impressive looking - and delicious tasting - breakfast dish is deceptively quick and easy to make. It’s total comfort food, but if made with quality ingredients won’t weigh you down for the day. Learn how to make this step by step with Byron Talbott here.



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