Chef Erik Idos of CHINO Shows Us How To Eat Clean

Eating healthy comes with its fair share of challenges, one of the biggest ones being how to nourish our bodies without totally giving up the foods we love. So, we hit up Chef Erik Idos - former Executive Chef of Nobu Intercontinental Hong Kong and current owner of CHINO (@chinohk) - for some of his go-to healthy recipes.

At CHINO, Erik creates modern Mexican dishes inspired by Japanese ingredients; two cuisines that focus on quality, fresh ingredients, and that’s what clean eating is all about. Read on to learn how to make a super fresh roasted seabass taco with homemade guac and salsa, and a hearty Japanese-inspired brown rice bowl loaded with fresh veggies and minced meat.

Roasted Seabass Tacos / Guacamole / Salsa Fresca

Salsa Fresca:

2 Red Tomato Small Diced
1/2 White Onion Small Diced
1/2 Jalapeno Small Diced
1 Tbl Spoon Chopped Cilantro
1 Tbl Spoon Lime Juice
Salt to Taste



2pc  Avocado
1 Tbl Spoon Salsa Fresca
1 Teaspoon Hot Sauce
1 Teaspoon Lime Juice
Salt To Taste


100g Seabass
Season with salt and pepper
Roast in oven at 200c for 10min until cooked. 


Heat up two corn tortillas
Spoon guacamole on top of the tortilla
Add cooked seabass
Top with the shredded cabbage, mizuna and Salsa Fresca
Serve with lime wedge. 

Ground Chicken & Beef / Roasted Vegetables / Brown Rice

Ground Chicken and Beef:

100g Ground Chicken
100g Ground Beef
30g Chopped Onion
30g Chopped Bell Pepper
5g Chopped Garlic

Saute Onions, Bell Peppers, Chopped Garlic with Olive Oil until caramelized
Add Ground Chicken and Beef 
Season with soy sauce and Sriracha.

Roasted Vegetable: 

50g Baby Corn
50g Asparagus

Toss the baby corn and asparagus in olive oil with salt and Pepper.
Roast in oven at 200 C for 6-8 min.

Brown Rice:

1 cup brown rice
2.5 cup water

Wash and Drain Brown Rice
Add 2.5 cup water and cook in rice cooker.

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